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Meet the team.

Mike Steltz


I'm Mike. Lots of my friends call my Mikey and only my mom & dad call me Michael. I'm the proud husband of world famous wedding photographer Kortni Maria Steltz! I've worked in the live production/ events world for the last 7 years doing everything from grunt labor to managing multiple venues and conferences A/V.  I have been a part of more weddings than I can count from my very own wedding, to helping with meal prep, to shooting photo/video, to officiating, to actually being in the wedding party and of course taking care of all of the audio, DJ and lighting needs. 

After countless weddings of friends, family and acquaintances, and attending events around the country, I saw a real need for higher quality AV solutions at weddings and events which has prompted me to start Cascade Live Events with Chris!

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Chris Heimerle


I’m Chris, I am married to the love of my life Cara who was my high school sweetheart! I have worked in the production field for over 5 years where I have been involved in audio, visuals, lighting, and streaming services. I have been involved in a wide variety of production events from large concerts, international conferences, collegiate athletic events, and a variety of other types of productions. I have worked events for thousands of people, but weddings are one of my favorite events to work. I love seeing people who love each other dearly commit themselves to each other and then celebrating it with their friends and families! It is truly a joy to be involved in your special day! 

After planning my own wedding, I saw a need for professional, flexible, and high-quality wedding vendor’s. With our experience, Mike and I saw an area that we were able to improve in the wedding world which motivated us to start Cascade Live Events. 

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Our Philosophy


Delivering a High-End Experience

We're determined to deliver our clients the highest level of production value possible. It doesn't matter how small or large your event is, we're here to make it a high-end production. We believe that quality comes from the smallest of details and we've been trained in the corporate arena to make even the smallest element of an event the greatest that it can be. Gone are the days of weddings that nobody can hear the bride & groom, forget the days of concerts with subpar lighting/audio dragging an otherwise spectacular artist down and say goodbye to a trembling iPhone live stream in the corner of the room that leaves your audience guessing about what's going on.  


Modern and Timeless Style

We're committed to presenting your event with class. Our job is to fade into the background while keeping your event the impactful focus of attention. No corny jokes or games from our DJ's and no piles of messy cables in the corner to detract the attention from your event. We've cut out the gimmicks and amateur designs, leaving bold and elegant support to your event.


Communication and planning

Collectively, we have decades of experience in event planning from weddings to international conferencing, and we have learned that there is no problem that is insurmountable and no challenge that is worth over-stressing. We pride ourselves in providing a highly professional experience, but we are also turning a passion into a vocation. That means we love getting to know our clients and we firmly believe that the best way for us to work together is in a fun, relaxed and respectful environment. We know that event planning can be unimaginably overwhelming and we're here to be your stress relief in whatever way you need us to be! 

Above & Beyond Industry Standard Equipment

We take the equipment we use for your event very seriously. We source above and beyond industry standard equipment to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience for both you and your guests. Consumer level or even many DJ marketed products typically do not have the same reliability or overall quality as professional grade gear. We truly believe that an event should be built from the highest quality resources and we'll be using the best our industry has to offer to make that happen.